Crystal Skull on Kaua’i?

Goddess of Wai'ale'ale - art by Maia

There is an independent motion picture that has recently been made in which a story revolves around a crystal skull which was brought to the island of Kaua’i long ago. I have not seen this movie yet so don’t know the entire premise around it, but I felt some truth was present. I have written extensively on what ThothHorRa refers to as the Dweller Crystals Skulls and their attendant satellites. In these akashic insights and transmissions from Thoth, it was revealed to me that the 13th Skull of the13- core of the Dwellers (there are 72 all together according to my receipt) will be  a Living Being – a female – who will come among us at an appointed time. Thus I consider the whole topic of the genuine “Dweller” and satellite crystal skulls of a feminine nature (although there are male crystal skulls equally among the Dwellers). The ultimate Guardian of these skulls (once living beings) is this 13th “Living Crystal Skull”  – an illumined feminine vessel.

I requested from Seraphina any relevant information on a crystal skull being in Kaua’i (where I incidentally live at this time). I received from her the following…

Atu’La Hunuapepe – High Priestess of the last Goddess Temple to stand on MU (Lemuria – the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of this Motherland). Her skull was changed to crystal ( a process of alchemy). With the breaking up of MU, so it was taken to the highest place of the Mother (MU) and there placed into Her mouth (cavern). It survives there to this day.

What was the purpose of turning her skull to crystal?

Her soul was from among the Star Lords…She is a “Dweller” being. She holds a point for the planetary grid of the Dwellers.

The place Her Crystal Skull is located then, would be in a cavern within Mount Wai’ale’ale, the main volcano and once highest point of MU. This scared mountain is revered in Kaua’i and indeed all of Hawai’i.

Mount Wai'ale'ale - Kaua'i

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