Lady of the Flame

Many years ago Thoth revealed to me how the Statue of Liberty had embodied an Illumined soul.  This soul expressed a highly feminine charge and held a point on the planet – there in the Liberty Statue – for planetary transformation into New Earth consciousness.

Recently the Statue of Liberty was struck by lightning…not the first time I would imagine. However, I wished to know if such occurrences are attuned and “timed” to the dynamics of planetary energies, since this is such a major node of the Earth for Divine Feminine.

This is has to do with the Divine Feminine, I went to Seraphina on this subject. I received the following…

Planets are synergic entities. While the Earth is balanced in it’s dynamic form with positive (male) and negative (female) currents, it’s whole celestial movement is of a feminine nature, since it acts as a receptive Being in the cosmos.

The node beneath the Statue of Liberty emits a strong feminine current and is further, embodied by a great celestial entity holding the feminine charge. Therefore lightning strikes to and around the Statue of the Lady stir this node in an especially powerful way. As the heart of Gaia responds to the quickening at her Sacred Nodes or “gemstones” upon Her Body, so She sends powerful transformative ripples through Her form, which effects the entire organism, including humanity. ~ Seraphina, Twin Flame of ThothHorRa


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