Seraphina Speaks – 11/07/10


Seraphina and Starheart 11/07/10

Seraphina Kaur: I invite you all into my Heart in this lovely place. Please keep your music off for now and listen to the natural sounds. Let us observe some moments of SILENCE as we absorb this PEACE here together…joining our hearts and quieting the mind.

I wish to begin with something Starheart (Maia) received years ago…which speaks to MY heart and I hope to yours as well…

I am a healing light that comes from my center and expands into all around me.

I am a fire in the night, a cool stream in the heat of day. I feel the growth of new life as the

seeds burst to the surface with their greening potential.

Vines follow the natural inclination of my body and bud in the recesses of each curve of my heart.

The hawk is my sight, the rabbit my tenderness, the doe my graceful right to “be.”

I walk tall with the bear and move as one with the shadows of the forest like my brother fox.

I sing the lone song of the swan and the keening laughter of the coyote.

I am the sleekness and sureness of the cat as it stretches in the sun, a smile of mousing dreams buried mischievously in its silky whiskers.

The dog pads softly beside my heal, sensitive to my every move, for it is my own longing for union that weaves his dream.

A thousand eyes I have, all seeing the dream from different places, coming together as one truth in my heart. I am from the Tribe of the Moon, reflecting the golden rays of the sun into all the sacred places of the earth…the earthen body that I dwell within.

Sparrow, come nest in me, for my branches are strong and safe for you.

Lion, eat my flesh, for the more you devour of me, the stronger we both grow.

Dolphin, I call you from the deep. My waters are warm and sunlit and my current sure and rhythmic against your smooth body.

I circle, I enfold, yet I am always an open hand. I am the dream you create of me and the truth that never wavers. I AM YOUR SOUL.

This prose Star (Maia) wrote speaks to us of the Path of the Moon (as we might call it simply). It is in all, regardless of gender. It is that path which takes in the Solar Logos…the creative energy…and LIGHTS one from within as a reflection of that brilliance.

Also upon Star-Maia’s website can be found this definition of the Lunar Mysteries…

The Lunar Mysteries reveal to us what the ancient Lemurians and Atlantean called the “sacred hollow” or “hallowed place”. It was represented by a cupped hand, with the hollow in the center of the hand radiating a golden flame.To hollow a place in the earth is to scoop out a little of the ground and leave it open and receptive for something new to be placed there…to be nurtured and grow out of it.

The golden flame is the Christ Flame or Christ Child, being birthed from the “hallowed place” or womb of Light that has nested in the earth.

In each of us there is the hollowed/hallowed ground, where, when we first entered this planetary realm, we made our mark in the earth–our special “hollow”. It is there that we return to gestate and birth our Solar Child in the Moonlight.

At the core of the Lunar Mysteries are the three poles of the feminine heart and their formation of a sacred ark with the “Holy of Holies” at its center. From the Heart Ark of the Divine Feminine so all life is connected and renewed.

And so as we gathering here THIS DAY in my Palace-Temple let us open the hand and cup it gently and see what we find there. For each of you will find your own POOL to dive into and the symbol of that pool will float above it gently and whisper to your soul.

Let us take some moments then and peer into your “open hand” cupped for the Goddess to dive into you. Let us turn on the parcel music for a time as we do this.

(music playing is “Holy Ground.”)

The HOLY GROUND…see this within you…fertile and ready to grown whatever you plant within it. SHE covers you with HER Silken threads and you feel her deep sigh of LOVE fill your lungs.

You may turn the music off now.

What did you feel? Does one word come to mind? If so please come forth with it if you please to.

Drucilla Karu: hourglass

Zapotek Dryke: My word is Love.

Moonlight Mensing: share

v00 Ceres: my word is patience

Paige Fairweather: I was holding a heart in my palm and watching it heal. but as if it was not mine

but the world’s Heart and everyone in it.

Caryl Meredith: Love…

Lancelot Seetan: Peace as a white dove appeared

Drucilla Karu: The hourglass represents time.

(Someone mentions freedom)

Seraphina Kaur: There is no need for “freedom” if there is no captivity in the heart.

Eowin Aquila: child happiness

Makalii Rhiadra: The White Lotus growing from the Heart.

Seraphina Kaur: The GODDESS in you will always call from the place of your most peaceful desire – that point in the being that REMEMBERS the Peace, for it never parts from you, only hidden by life’s distractions.

Drucilla Karu: So mine would be to have more time… something I think I never have enough of. My soul knows i have all the time in the universe:)

Zapotek Dryke: I am really afraid.

Seraphina Kaur: Zaptotek…soothe your fears now and rest in my Presence. Lisen to me and quiet your mind – be at peace. You are loved…no need to ask for it as it is yours.

Let us continue.

I would speak now of the spiral…the circle…the mound…

Roundness is associated with the feminine as it is seen as the pregnant womb, and so it is…but it is more, for the “roundness” is also all-encompassing and neutral. It does not proclaim attention to any one point within it.

When you meditate, first place yourself in the circle. There you find your neutrality. However, the circle always meet itself and does not move outward. So then go further…and become a spiral. Spin out from the roundness, duplicating its harmony into smaller and smaller circles. Yet the spiral too, will reach its limitation when it become so very small as to be a point only.

So expand again…and become a TORUS. A torus moves IN and OUT of its own path and in doing so it becomes a doorway to other dimensions and endless potential BEING.

Why not then just begin with the torus?

I give you this path beginning with the circle because it is a progression for humanity. It is the place of recognition they have – the circle is an ancient thought and process; But never be complacent within it…nor the spiral…for they lead to the TORUS and beyond that, as a matter of course. There is always a BEYOND, but the torus will suffice for now (laughter).

It is good to create in the mind and the heart but to work with the hands is an important part of life experience. There are special nerves in the hands and feet, and these special nerves trigger openings in the brain, and the “openings” are to connection with SELF.

If daily you were to gently massage your hands and feet just for a few moments in the morning and night…this quickens the impulse to connect. It brings you into TOUCH and FEEL with YOU and with the EARTH you dwell upon.

Only human beings on this planet truly walk upright on two legs. anthropologists say many things about this from practical understanding which is for the most part genuine, however, it is only the peripheral of the true reason which is that humanity, as it stands UP and walks UPRIGHT creates of itself a LIVING PILLAR – a Pillar of Light.

The crown raised…the feet sending and receiving energy, moving the current through and Up and DOWN. So it is also good each day to JUST STAND THERE. Outdoors if possible. As you FEEL yourself becoming a Pillar of Light for the planet.

And so my companion Pillars of Light…do you have anything you wish to briefly share on this topic?

Caryl Meredith: I love that you reinforce the concept of Pillars of Light .. that which we all are with power far beyond our imagination.

Seraphina Kaur: Yes the IMAGINATION is a wonderful sandbox and I encourage you to expand it, for it can include much more than you think it may contain.

Paige Fairweather: This is a refreshing way to re-think our selves as bipeds.

Faustorian Mavendorf: I was at a natural hot spring yesterday, actually. What you’ve just talked about sort of describes how I felt when I soaked in the lovely warm waters while it was about 15 F. Quite soothing and invigorating!

Drucilla Karu: Connecting from the Central sun to our sun to our heart and into the atoma of the Earth and back up again.

Seraphina Kaur: YES, this is so Drucilla.

Makalii Rhiadra: When all the Pillars are seen as ONE we have LoveLight.

Drucilla Karu: 🙂

Seraphina Kaur: The LAYOOESH of the Hebrew doctrine.

Drucilla Karu: yes

Seraphina Kaur: “Pillar of Light”

Makalii Rhiadra: anchors and portals all – forgot Beacons

Seraphina Kaur: Yes humans do so long for light and sound that they develop it endlessly, however they have managed to create it as a distraction. Now they are reversing this program a step at a time and coming back to SOURCE – the ETERNAL LIGHT, the FIRE THAT DOES NOT BURN.

Makalii Rhiadra: Yes as a pendulum.

Drucilla Karu: I love that you told us about massaging our hands and feet.

Seraphina Kaur: It is also a way of demonstrating love for your elemental body, as the woman washed the feet of Yeshua (Jesus), so she served her Christed Self.

Drucilla Karu: Very important right now.



Gathering in Seraphina's Palace-Temple

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