Lady Kaua’i

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Some photos taken from the “front yard” of my new ohana (home)
a studio condo in a resort on the beach of Kaua’i.

I have re-located to a new Ohana on the island – coming out of the Mountains and down to the Sea. I feel it to be both a symbolic and very physical passage. I like to think of myself as a vessel for all who feel drawn to touch this sacred place – this remnant of the MOTHERLAND of MU in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Of course we are all vessels for the many. I am simply sharing here my experience of this truth.

In my expression as a “vessel” I invite you to send me via email  your brief prayers (personal and for the planet) which I will take to Mother Kaua’i by-the-sea in sacred ceremony on some early morning between January 21st – 26th, 2011. In the photos above you see the beach upon which this ceremony will be performed. It is only yards from my door.

You may wish to read my “Hawaii” pages on Spirit Mythos in order to attune to the energy dynamics of this island…or perhap simply commune with the Lady of Wai’ale’ale.

After completion of the Ceremony with Lady Kaua’i I will post my impressions of the experience on this blog.




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