Mother Kaua’i – The Prayers


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On the night of January 19th I stepped out onto the lanai (porch) of my condo here on Kaua’i and was bewitched by an incredibly large full moon shining down onto the waves as they gently caressed the shore. I was only yards away from the beach and through a scattering of palm trees, the moonlight traced the water with a golden glow as if fingers of the Goddess ran through it, illuminating the undulating sea with Her touch. It was truly a magical moment for me. I felt HER presence so fully! I thought of how ancient was this ritual of Moon and Sea…Light and Air…in the stillness of the night.

 The next day I chose to take the prayers I had collected from Spirit Heart Sanctuary members and go to the Kukui Heiau  (heiau: ancient temple site of Hawaiians) which is only about a 5minute walk down the beach from where I now live.

 There I placed the prayers upon an ancient lava stone “dish” where people placed flowers and other gifts to the Goddess Kaua’i. I reached into my heart and sent the prayers “on wing” into the heart of the Goddess. I prayed also for the planet and all the people of the world. Here, in this sacred place on this Blessed Isle I offered myself as a receptacle for the weary and “heavily laden” to receive the refreshment of the soul this place extended through me, to them.

 My attention was then drawn to the mountains beyond and I felt a portal open there…I continued to focus upon that view and was drawn into deep communion with the Presence there.

 It was then revealed to me how we all may intentionally become Light Anchors – receptacles for those who are not able at the time, to contact the EARTH in her most sacred repose, and therein find comfort and nourishment. In becoming a Light Anchor one does not open their personal path to others…it is a joining of SPIRIT – saying “I offer you safe passage and a gentle, guiding wind to this shore.”

 Wherever you are located physically on the planet if your interior is at peace and in desire to serve in this manner, you will become a receptacle of LIGHT for others to move through and to the Shore of the New Earth within them. You need not know who passes through…or touch them personally. You simply open the gate for them. Some who pass through may be dis-incarnated still roaming this world in a troubled state. Others are in bodies of flesh, but also in need of assistance to the LIGHT.

 Whatever you instigate through the HEART and offer as a path of SPIRIT, so you will serve well and be sustained and nourished in the process. This I felt in earnest as I stood there on that beautiful Hawaiian day, gazing into the portal before me.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Kaua’i – The Prayers

  1. Thank YOU, Maia.

    The notion of being able to intentionally serve as Light Anchor is one that has inspired me along the years. Now that you speak about it through your own experience and making it public, it brings to my atention the importance of working also in a extensive way, producing a net effect that encompases the many that are working as such Light Anchor. I feel it deepens, strengthes and amplifies the anchoring effects.

    ANU KA, Sistar.


  2. Maia — the photo, your words and your delivery of them to us at this time is wondrous to witness and to receive.

    Thank you for allowing us to be apart of this offering, honoring, and blessing.

    I feel highly resonate with your actions, insight, and prayer.

    Aroha Nui – Much Love,


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