Se’RA’fana on the Natal Tree of Life

Fruit of the Tree - art by Maia

Gathering on NESI in Second Life

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): I greet you all with Warmth of the Earth today….coming from the sun and gracing the budding soil. All humanity grows from this soil…for they eat of the fruit and the vine which comes out of it….and the plant and grow and eat again….a cycle which feeds back into the earth.

I would like you now to feel your heart center…take some moments to make that contact…speak to your heart…tell it you are LISTENING to it. Now go back into your thoughts and find the time of your childhood…you are lying in the grass and looking up at the blue sky feeling its vastness but also its love you BELONG lying there on the mother…and be embraced by the sky above. Spend some moments connecting to that feeling…AS YOU FELT IT IN CHILDHOOD…for children think and feel holograpically. As certain areas in their brain changes their thinking and feeling becomes more focused like a beam of light but as a child, it is a sphere. Feel now what it was like then…the FEELING you had as a child in NATURE…feel it deeply…breathe it into your heart.

Now go back to a moment in your childhood that remains clear in your memory…one that made you feel expansive and good. Take your time…don’t search for it…let it come to you. It tickles at the back of your mind and then jumps up and comes laughing and running to you. This is the MAGIC…the GOLD…the SACRED TREASURE…this is YOU…STILL is YOU…the child feeling good to be ALIVE! Not judging, or planning…just BEING in the moment. What about THAT moment which came forward to you now…made you so happy THEN? Just glance at the answer… feel it…don’t dig deeply now…just skim across its surface and feel it.

Now I would ask you to put this memory in your pocket for safe-keeping and sit up in the grass…look around you and see that there is a little silver trowel (small shovel for the hand) there…and some nice soft dirt next to the trowel is a baby tree…very small…its roots gently wrapped in a cloth…IT IS READY FOR YOU TO PLANT…this little tree is your childhood brightness…dig a hole in the soil and plant it…see yourself doing this just as you truly would…each gesture. As you do so…feel the love you have for it and the strenght it gives you just to touch it and plant it in the ground. This is your Tree of Life…yours alone…pat the soil around it and give it a little sprinkle of water from a tin cup…call upon Father Sun and Mother Sky and Earth…ask them to Bless it…and help it to grow strong in the Day…and Deep in the Night.

Now each day you can return to it…and see that it is bigger, taller and more full with branches and leaves. It it is a connection between the child that you were and the CHILD that you ARE. I would ask you to keep this ritual with your Tree of Life…to visit it each day (or night before sleeping) and sit with it and listen to the wood grow…do this until I sit with you again next month…when we come together again then…we will open the book and read from it…the BOOK of the Tree of YOUR Life. Also, in this period in-between if possible, I request that you physically go to a place…in your yard, garden, or out in the country…a park…some place in nature…and dedicate it to your little TREE…JUST a small Fairy Place. When we come together again I would ask you to share about your chosen place…and your experience with growing your tree. That place of MAGIC and MYSTERY that you knew so well as a child…can you feel it now? It is very close…right here among us…It comes from the SPARK of your soul that kindles the dryness and bring life to the baren soil

Is there anything you might wish to contribute at this time…a feeling, thought or self-wisdom ?

DRU (drucilla.karu): wonderful exercise for our inner child… I love it.

Caryl Meredith: I remembered a time when I was full of self confidence… nothing stood in my way as a 4 year old.

Faustorian Mavendorf: The ’80s was a great decade to grow up in. Seeing anything related to that time (for example, seeing Super 8 in the theater recently) gives me those waves of fond memories. A good way to contribute to one’s tree of life in that regard!

Yara Ragu: I’ve always felt Nature as my Mother, ever since childhood to the present. It has been my consolation when in despair.

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): Yes she IS your MOTHER

DRU (drucilla.karu): yes.. walking a lot in nature.. was one of my favorite things to do. I felt warm and comforted.

SerRA’fana Adu’RA (seraphina.kaur): TREES ARE SOULS AT REST…they are here to give you PEACE…and to feel the DEPTH of that peace in LIFE.

I depart now…until we meet again.


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