SeRA’fana on The Temples of the 5 Heavens

architecture from the reign of Ashoka the Great

SerRA’fana speaks to our NESI Gathering in Second Life on her lifetime with Thoth, who was then a walk-in to the East Indian King Ashoka.

SerRA’fana Adu’RA: I wish to bring you into Oneness with a time in which I was incarnated with the Blessed Thoth…he ASHOKA and I SULUMA I was not one of his wives or concubines…most of these had been brought into his fold during the habitation of the birth soul. For cultural and political reasons, Thoth-Ashoka did take a few more wives and concubines, but I as Suluma was not of this fold. I was the High Priestess of the Temples of the Five Heavens,  created from Ashoka’s Vision and my inner complicity.

I was born in the Mystic Mountains as they were called then. My mother had a vision in which I would serve the Great King Ashoka. She was very frightened for she knew Ashoka to be a severe ruler, but before I reached my 16th year My Beloved had entered the body of Askoka and all was as intended to be. We would create the Inner Palace together.

Ashoka had a vision of me…and where to find me….and on my 16th birthday he sent my parents a fine elephant to work their fields and clear the forest around it; and from this offering so I was given to him…it was a FINE elephant haha!

Yara Ragu: 🙂

Rex Mumblewood: smiles

SerRA’fana Adu’RA: I was kept quite chased and prepared to become High Priestess in a temple complex that had not yet been built, only seen in the Eye of Ashoka. It took only five years to build the Temples and grounds of the Five Heavens. Ashoka employed Sunti Masters to work their magic and so it was accomplished quickly.

Now I shall speak about the Temples of the Five Heavens. There were four squared buildings which simple yet elegant. Each one represented a Heaven on Earth. Within each an element was found: Earth, Fire. Water Air. The Fifth Heaven House was in the center of the courtyard and garden where the paths from the four other temples met. It was a small pyramid within which a field of energy was created that attuned to each of the four other temples. Music, Birdsong, chimes…all very delicate and pure could be heard…music only at certain times, but the chimes, birdsong and gentle water fountains sounded continually.

What was accomplished in these temples? The uniting of the SPIRIT of the LAND with the HEARTS of the People. It was very simple yet profoundly focused.
The People would petition for help and prayers and energy mantras would be done by the priestesses and priests. Then persons could request to go through an initiation there, where they would become immersed in the energy and then take it back into the outer world…to thier families…the sick and those in need.
There were also animals in this complex. They were especially taught through telepathic signals, so that for instance…the elephants could be given commands through the mind of the trainer. Certain monkeys were taught to aid the handicapped. Some baboons were brought in from Egypt for work in the temples. Yet all of these animals were not just trained to obey…they receive deep heartfelt COMMUNION…not as servants but comrades.

Then there were the Teachings to those who would come to listen….on hygene, good conduct, right thinking, etc. Understand that these people had lived in a brutal reign of the FIRST Ashoka. They had developed a mind-set of the same. So Thoth-Ashoka wished to bring about a transformation in the People of the “old way” of seeing and thinking…the warrior way… the way of the agressor…from the place of fear.

The thinking of the Age there at that time was: “how can I keep myself SAFE…I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE!” This mentality was like a rusty chain that must be crumbled. Ashoka felt that the GODDESS would answer his call in this work, and I. SULUMA would act for the Goddess.

The world is now in many ways in such a state, is it not? “What will it take for me to survive?” “I WILL DO ANYTHING TO SURVIVE IN THIS MORTAL FORM!” This is the FEAR. It is there now in this Age in many people’s minds. Within the cultures that have never known PEACE and always being subjected to torment it is intensifying. This fear and LOGIC of survival is burned inside them with a hot iron, so they become an IRON FIST! But they are truly all Children of God…babies needing suckling when they received only a bur in the mouth!

It is time now to allow the COMPASSION to FLOW freely!  Many draw back and saying, “Oh how awful, how fearful…they are dangerous! We must kill them before they kill us!” When instead the solution is to FLOOD them with LOVE. This does not mean you expose your chest to their slings and arrows. It is a call to think and behave in whatever you do through guidance from the HEART. The HEART is not mindless. It will not place you in Harms way. Only you can do that.

Now let us take some moments of SILENCE while we sit together in the Garden of the Fifth Heaven…outside in the garden (the pyramid in its center). We wish now to be in the Garden of the GODS.  Feel the LOVE and the PEACE surround you… breathe it in and out from the heart.

Now offer the compassion you feel for those who have had a bitter root in the mouths all their lives…from the moment they came out of the womb…and they perpetuate this bitterness through their linage….HAVE MERCY UPON THEM!

Kiss the Mother Earth…the ground beneath your feet and pray for their deliverance from this pain.

As the anniversary of 911 approaches…many will feel bitterness against others in their heart as they mourn their loss. Let yourself not be among these…but instead  lift your eyes upon the sky and the freedom of the winged creatures and know…know that all who perished in the flesh are now in wing upon the AIR and they see below them and FORGIVE.

The Mother of All Compassion is with you…AND SO IT IS!
 Friend of Trees: And So It Is
 Faustorian Mavendorf: And so it is!
 Dru: thank you for your encouraging words …:)
 Yara Ragu: AND SO IT IS!

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