Magdalene Starseed Cosmic Event of 8th March 2013

Even tho this is posted a bit late (my fault, as Karen sent me her article some time ago), the Magdalene Starseed Cosmic Event is still reverberating, taking us to a new level, as revealed in my video The Harkening. Thus, I have posted here Karen Ani’Ra’s accounting of her direct participation in the Hallelujah March at Tor Hill in Glastonbury on the date of March 8th.


Karen Ani’Ra:

At this time the  New Moon in Pisces could also almost be called a “Universal Moon” with so many planets in Pisces at this time.  The water/feminine/emotional element is highly emphasized and charged.  The water element is the Divine Feminine at its most prominent.  Think about the womb; about water as the nurturer and prime substance of all of life.  The Universe and Creation are said to exist in a “fluid”, “water-like” state — more so even than “air”.

Avalon being mostly 4th dimensional exists within that “emotional” energetic band of our planet as well.
The bloodline of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene will include a host of awakened and awakening “Magdalene Starseeds” who have been “assigned” to bring the Divine Feminine codes back to full power upon the earth so as to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies globally.  It is when that energetic balance occurs, first within individuals and then collectively, that ascension can and will occur.

Truly, this was a magical and mystical “adventure”.   just knowing what to do in the moment, connecting with the Goddess energies  all unfolded precisely as it was meant to.

I met with Dorothy and Sheila the night before for supper, we immediately felt a kinship between us and while we were talking about our plans for the next day we realised that where the 3 of us were staying in Glastonbury that it formed a triangle.  Even at the table we formed a triangle of light!  Dorothy felt a strong energy come in, joining us, feeling this was Torhannah or Shi’ Ra felt her pat us on our heads.

We realised that we were to collect water from the 2 Springs in Glastonbury and bring those to the Torr for our ceremony. The Red Spring at the Chalice Well garden represents the Divine Feminine being “yin” energy on the Mary ley line, the White Springs represents the Divine Masculine “yang” energy on the Michael ley line .

The morning of the 8th I saw a blue glass bowl in the kitchen where I was staying, immediately I knew this was to be used in our ceremony so we could mix the water in. Thankfully the owner was in and gave me permission to use it. It was later I was told about the story of the original Blue bowl found in Avalon that is seen as a sacred object rumoured to be the holy grail.

I met Dorothy and Sheila around 10.30 at Chalice Well we spent some meditative time at the Vesica Pisces Well , we each became a pure shaft pillar of light with an upward pointing pyramid , Then an inverted pyramid with a “mega being” perhaps Thoth or Shi’Ra was felt , Dorothy described seeing the Isis Eye or Aeriopax symbol that Maia has previously documented on. Sheila saw a large orb and felt a strong Christic light connection as we were together. We collected water from the Lions mouth and from the White spring,then we were ready to make our walk to the Torr.

We arrived at the Torr about 12.20 there was a lady in dressed in black , who was from Lithuania, she sat stroking a soft toy rat! we asked if she was here for the event, she replied she was not. As people arrived for the 2pm start she continued to sit, everyone also thought the same and went to greet her. It became apparent that she was going to stay.

Graell one of the Glastonbury Goddess’s anointed us all with had rose oil on our third eye area, I waited until she had been around the whole group. Then I spoke saying that I was there to represent you and the work that you and Simeon had begun in 1998 and that it felt like we were here to complete  this.

Mentioning the Mayan energy of the day, being most supportive for this Cosmic event,  3 , the 3 brings can mean a multiplication of,  Noj  is the Power of words, it  marries the connection of heart with mind , helps you be guided and open  in the  heart, (is a  bridge into the fifth-world).  Arms in prayer mode at heart, next using my arms pointing downwards honouring our sacred connection to Gaia’ An Ma then raising my arms straight above my head welcoming in Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene,  Torhannah, the Divine Feminine , the Metatronic Councils of Light, Thoth , Shi’ Ra and those  assisting us from Temple of La’ Kina all our Higher Selves, Angels and Guides , also acknowledging the Ocean realms and the sea creatures, whales and dolphins as being key anchors for our Planet from Sirius who were helping to retune our Earth at this time with all the Planets in sign of Pisces.

The red Torhannah banner was positioned against the wall with the blue bowl in front of it and scattered around red silk rose petals, 2 of which blew into the water, they looked so lovely that I left them there. I had the picture of the Seal of the 9th Wave under the water, this represents the energy released into the Earth from the resultant Starseeds within the already rising momentum of the” New Epoch.” and read this out to the group.

I moved the water into  centre of our circle then using our voices we chanted and toned  merging our group energies with the cosmic flowing energies  into the water.  Once Dorothy counted 12 people as present,  she placed a silver 12 pointed Lemurian Star Pendant in the centre on the floor,( the circle on it being a 13th point)  I picked  up the water bowl went round each person giving a blessing on their foreheads , and blessing their heart, very lightly touching and making eye contact with them. I am aware of the nourishing love of the Divine Mother within me pouring out love flowing through my eyes. When I got to Dorothy after I blessed her, she said that she was to bless me, which she did, I had not even thought about this, it just flowed. I offered a blessing to the Lithuanian lady, who declined I continued to the next person. Dorothy thought it was a test to see how we all responded to her presence, and she felt we all passed as we responded in love. It was so beautiful to see how the others in the group did this also.

Then I announced that I was going outside to sprinkle the water onto the ground around the Torr  this blessing to nourish and anchor in the Magdalene Starseeds .

I did not expect to be followed, but Sheila felt directed to follow me, Simeon explains later about this being from past life memory of work we did together. Sheila said the energy was very strong and she had to purposefully put one foot in front of the other to just keep upright.

I found it very lovely, I so enjoyed cupping my right hand into the water bowl and gently sprinkling the water , watching it fall onto Mother Earth , raising the frequencies of the earth, it felt a very sacred process.  After a  complete  clockwise circle around the Torr, I emptied the remainder water onto the ground and continued around to the entrance coming back into the Torr.  Dorothy later told me that she was guided to pick up the 12 pointed Lemurian Star pendant from the floor, place it back around her neck and to greet me at the entrance as I came back in.

I welcomed the group to speak, if any of them wanted to say  anything or share what they were feeling, a couple of them spoke offering gratitude to the elemental kingdoms and to the Great Mother,  Dorothy said that Torhannah wanted us to open our hearts even wider to let the blessing come in, she and Bart felt Torhannah come right into their hearts,  (Dorothy recognised Torhannah’s energy as being the same energy from the night before when the 3 of us sat having dinner and were talking.)

Bart later wrote that he saw Torhannah awakening and stand up, her soul animating the body. He saw an equilateral triangle top upwards that received two light beams from the heavens, one on the left and one on the right, at what he described as a 45* angle. These beams met in the middle, and then shone out downwards in 9 different beams. The apex which was platinum-like came off, now three dimensionally and started to turn in a clockwise direction to shine more light in all directions.

Kelly and Ross had been guided to bring along certain items to give away, saying that there was something there for everyone, and that we were to all take one thing from what he placed on the ground. Everyone took something, it was such a thoughtful gesture, most took a love tea bag, someone took a meat pie to eat and was very grateful.

Then Graell and Anna showed us 3 dances  first we did a Circle Dance then a Snake Dance, and finally an Ecstatic Heart Dance all music played on mandolin by Daygan Robinson. This was a great way to express our Divine Feminine though the various dance movements and in the joy and fun that just naturally followed as we made eye contact with each other.

After the dancing and group photo was taken we were offered a drink of rose wine by Keith who had very thoughtfully carried up a container and some disposable cups so we could all have a social and celebratory drink, how perfect! After this people started to leave the Torr.

Sheila and I were one of the last to leave and as we did we met Linda and Janice (from our group) and their family , they had been meditating at the Chalice Well while the ceremony was taking place and had been guided to come to the Torr after 4pm. It was about 4.20pm by now and we were quiet cold and hungry.

I got  back to my room and managed an hour rest before joining on the webinar with you and Simeon due to its later start………perhaps the energy blew it out!

Some later sharing of interest.

I had decided to stay 4 nights in Glastonbury so on my last evening, Sunday I came back into my lodgings there was a man sat at table with the guy I rented the room from .
I thought he was a relative of theirs he was showing them pictures of the fairy ball which had been going on in Glastonbury at same time. Suddenly I recognised a photo of the lady from Lithuanian who had been at the Torr on the 8th. He said that he knew her , that she was an Earth worker and an embodiment of Maat , that he had bumped into her x 3 recently and again at the Torr, yes he had been there too!

OMG I thought, and we both looked at each other, I had not noticed him but on thinking back , he was stood on the same side as this Lady /Maat but did not take part.

He told me he was from Cygnus and his name was Deneb (which is the brightest star in Cygnus)  actually he shared a lot but much is personal to him so I will only share what is relevant to us .
He was told to be there by his Angels and guides to observe. ……………he sees energy grid lines, and travels around the world making adjustments to them.

He asked me what I did with the water and I explained.
What he saw took him completely by surprise.
Bearing in mind that he had been to the Torr a day earlier and this was not there.
He saw a point of light develop on the floor which grew to fill the whole area inside the Torr, it came up from the Earth and went straight up into the Cosmos, he could see that this was also happening in Hawaii , Australia and many other places.

* * * * * * *

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