The Lakshmi Stone

The Lakshmi Stone Medallion
The Lakshmi Stone Medallion


On the night of May 21st, 2014 I saw a carved stone which appeared to be of polished pink granite. It was upright and standing on a marble floor. I received clearly “the Lakshmi Stone.”

As a result of this experience I felt guided by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa to create an energy art work: The Lakshmi Stone Medallion.

First, who was Lakshmi? I didn’t know much about her, but I Googled and found the following information . . .

Goddess Lakshmi is the consort and shakti, or potency, of Lord Vishnu. Lakshmi, or Sri when she is especially known as the goddess of beauty (though sometimes considered to be separate entities), is the Goddess of fortune, wealth, power, and loveliness. Wealth means not only money, but also the higher values and qualities of life. The power of the mind and intellect is also a must if one wants to be truly wealthy, which includes spiritual wealth.

Lakshmi is seen as exceptionally beautiful, standing on a lotus with four hands, two of which hold lotus flowers, and the lower right offering blessings of fortune, and the lower left held in the upright mudra or posture of benediction or blessings. The lotus she carries in her hands represents that the realization of the Self is the supreme goal of life. They also indicate the various worlds and living beings in different states of development or evolution. Sometimes she may be holding a potted coconut in one hand, which is another representation of Lakshmi. However, when she is in the company of Lord Vishnu, she can be seen with two or four hands. Her four hands indicate the four main blessings of human existence, namely dharma (acts of righteousness and duty), artha (wealth), kama (sensual pleasures), and moksha (final liberation). She always wears a lotus garland, and is often seen with elephants on either side of her offering items such as garlands or pouring pots of water over her, which in turn may be presented by celestial maidens. Her complexion is often dark, or white, pink, or golden yellow. When her complexion is dark, it represents her connection with Lord Vishnu. When she is seen as golden yellow, it represents her as the source of all fortune and wealth. When it is white, she is seen as the highest mode of nature from which the universe has sprung. And when seen as pinkish, it represents her mood of mercy or compassion toward all creatures since she is also the mother of all beings.

Occasionally you can see her in a temple of her own, rather than accompanying Lord Vishnu. When this is the case, she is seen sitting on a lotus throne with her four hands holding a padma (lotus), shankha (conch shell), amritakalasha (pot of nectar), and a bilva fruit. The pot of nectar indicates the blessings of immortality. The fruit that she holds represents the results of our labors or actions, which comes from her blessings. When such fruit is a coconut, it indicates that she is the source of the three levels of creation, namely the gross, subtle, and the imperceptible. If it is a pomegranate, it means that all the worlds are under her influence, which she is beyond. And if the fruit is the bilva, which is healthy but not very appetizing, then it means the blessings of moksha, liberation.

In some depictions of her, she is seen riding an owl, which in Sanskrit is uluka, another name for Indra, the king of heaven. Thus, she rides on the king of the gods, the holder of all the material wealth and power that a living being could want in this world, which is still not the spiritual world. –source


I went to Thoth and asked to understand what I had seen…the polished stone standing upright on a marble floor. While it’s outline was intricately carved, the stone itself appeared plain, with nothing on it but the beautifully polished surface of the pink granite.

His response to me:

The Lakshmi or Ur’tu’Sekhem is the Divine Breath of an EL’O’HIM Creator – one we shall call here, Ur’tu’Sekhem. In the interactive context as “Lakshmi” (it’s later title) it is of a feminine aspect.

As the most ancient impression of Lakshmi, in MU, long before the Eastern adaptation, this Eminence restored Balance to the receiving and giving of all things…thus the Divine Breath. SHE is coming forth again in her truest form now, on the winds of the Dawning Star – the New Earth. She carries the EMERALD of the Heart Ray as focused directly into the places of Being that cause lack…and thus illness and poverty (of spirit and life).

The Temple Stone you (Maia) saw – the Lakshmi Stone – is within the Temple of the Dawning Star of Numis OM (the first stage of the New Earth Star). The Temple of the Dawning Star is of the Divine Feminine, with Presences of HER in many forms, including Lakshmi. Indeed, Lakshmi is the Caretaker of the Emerald Heart Ray as a Radiance of the Pure Gem Heart.

As the most ancient Lakshmi opens the Heart Chest once again, SHE transforms into the NEW Lady of the Emerald Gate. This is the “Gate” or Portal into the Temple of the Dawning Star at the center of the Golden City.

Maia: Thoth, you speak here of the Temple of the Dawning Star. Is this one and the same with the Temple of the Morning Star – the etheric aspect of the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid at Giza)?

Thoth: No it is not…for the Temple of the Morning Star is still attached to the Old Earth, whereas the Temple of the Dawning Star is arising on the Horizon of the New Earth. However, there is a connection between the two, as the Sun traverses the Temples of Heaven, entering one and then departing into another.

( A pause here for explanations of “Thoth Speak.”)

In direct transmissions from Thoth (well, as directly as I am able to facilitate) he speaks in a whole different context than we of this world generally do. For instance, when he refers to the “Golden City” I know from past transmissions that he means both a place in the New Earth and a neural center in the brain that is in the process of forming in humans at this time. It is you might say, our “New Earth” brain or brain of the Pure Gem Body. So if he states that the Temple of the Dawning Star is at the center of the Golden City, this is interpreted as meaning that it is both at the center of some sort of New Earth “city” and in the center of the “Golden City” of the human brain. Almost with everything Thoth speaks of as a “thing” it has multiple representations….at the very least, in a physical or etheric place and within the physical human vessel or experience.

Where he says above: “ the Temple of the Morning Star is still attached to the Old Earth, whereas the Temple of the Dawning Star is arising on the Horizon of the New Earth. However, there is a connection between the two, as the Sun traverses the Temples of Heaven, entering one and then departing into another” is especially tantalizing as I am not at all sure what context is being suggested here. It sounds as if he is speaking astrologically: “temples” meaning “houses” of the zodiac. But, well….not exactly. I sensed much more to it. So I ask, and receive . . .

Thoth: Keep your Eye on the inner-cosmos. Watch the SUNS move through their courses therein. All that is in Heaven and Earth is within the EYE of the Being. THIS is the Morning Star, THIS is the Dawning Star. The Temples which the STAR enters and exits is the be found within the Ascending Eye, which the Brow Eye conceals and reveals. For every star you may count in the Heavens above, so there abides a passage of it within the Inner Domain.

Maia: I don’t wish to stray from the topic of the Lakshmi Temple Stone, so I won’t pursue questioning him further on this right now.

So Thoth, tell us more about the Lakshmi Stone.

Thoth: It is a sounding stone that is calling out now, for Balancing through the Heart. It is not metaphorical but very real. Listen and feel for it’s inner vibration. In the Ancient of Days, there was such a Lakshmi Stone in the MU temple of Maha’rhi’ma. All who came before it were adjusted in resonance as living tuning forks, seeking the highest sounding. Those who could not abide themselves could not abide the Stone and would stay far away from it. Only those who were ready to love themselves could come before it.

I have guided you (Maia) to create The Lakshmi Stone Medallion for the purpose of embracing the Seeker in the first level of the vibrating Stone…so that they may more ease fully move forward before this Stone in the Temple of the Dawning Star (within).

The Lakshmi Stone Medallion (as seen above) is available in high resolution, large size from members (go to page) in the KyiRa Portal (JOIN NOW).

It will soon be available for purchase in my Spirit Store as well.


4 thoughts on “The Lakshmi Stone

  1. How interesting…Lakshmi came into my consciousness about 1-2 months ago…And as you were ‘working’ with this Stone, so too was going deeper with the Cathar Gold Essence…which has featured strongly for several this week. It also connects in some way to the Golden City…Too detailed to go into here, but I know you will understand. Your friend Fredericka has gifted you with a bottle of the Colour Matrix – Cathar Gold. This I will be posting to you tomorrow. If you feel drawn to the Emerald Heart Dragon Essence, let me know…Blessings

  2. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest
    but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site
    to come back later. Cheers

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