Mari ~ Queen of Stars

When opening the scroll on the Divine Feminine, Mari Magdalene has taken center stage often in these past 20 or 30 years…many books being written about her, removing the false tarnish of “harlot” and placing her rightfully on the stage as a Magdalene Priestess and Chosen One of I’shoa (Jesus).

However, the other Mari – Mother of I’shoa – has not been quite so prominent in the New Age circles. It is time to see Mother Mari in a new Light. Who was this woman and did she really bring forth a “virgin birth?” It is not my attempt her to write her biography, but only to share a glimmer from the Thothic Record concerning this somewhat veiled figure in history.

I believe most realize that Mari and more than one child, and this is indeed so. However the greatest controversy is over the nature of the birth of I’shoa. According to my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa, I’shoa was conceived by Mari in a manner not of this world and Josef was not the father. What we might call a Higher Light Being quicken her womb with a vibrational signal into the cells, and thus she became with child. But then Mari was conceived the same way. During various periods of time on this planet, it was not extremely rare for this manner of conception to take place. This “seeding” was part of a wave by the Greater Light Brethren of humanity to rectify the DNA tamper of the Nephilim in an earlier time on Earth.

But now let us look at Mari as an individual and not just the vessel for the Master I’shoa. As a Light Birthed child herself, her purpose in that life was not only to give birth. She held a great focus of LIGHT on the planet during that incarnation…holding a balance for I’shoa with the Divine Feminine, as did Mari Magdalene. Each were both unique in the sacred geometries of Light they created and wove with I’shoa into the planetary design for the future.

The soul of this Mari had very select incarnations in this Earth…both before and at least one (that I am aware of) after the “Mari” life. After Mari she was Torhannah of Glastonbury. Beyond incarnations however, she embodied an archetype of compassion, healing and Holy Mother – much like Isis before her. In fact, the original “Isis” (there were many who later assumed the name as a title of office) was the same soul as Mother Mari.

“The Lady” who visited the child Bernadette and the one appearing to the children of Fatima…these are all higher aspects of the same Mari soul. Such “visitations” go beyond religious context and yet are often interpreted by the adults in authority and the masses in religious terms.

We now in this age may attune ourselves to Her LIGHT and find that aspect of the “Holy Mother” of Isis-Mari within us. In doing so, allow the sacred geometries of Mari to unfold within you as you focus upon Her radiant splendor.

I present to you here a video I created. It is the enchanted voice of Jackie Evancho from her just-released CD, Awakening. She was a few months away from her fourteenth birthday when she recorded it. The song is Giulio Caccini and Vladmir Vavilov’s version of Ave Maria. Backing Jackie is the Budapest Orchestra. A powerful presentation and certainly a voice of pure Light.

As I created the video, I wove it as an activational psalm. Actually Jackie herself did this…I simply supported it visually.




(you will need this password: AV4444)


3 thoughts on “Mari ~ Queen of Stars

  1. When I was 7 years old I had a beautiful dream I will forget until the day I die. I was on a dark, humid cave, and I suddenly say a light coming from a small hole on one of the walls of this cave. I knelt down and realize there was a small jar on the floor, covering a wider gap on the stone. As I removed the jar and peered into the gap, to look into the chamber behind the wall, I experienced the most sacred and wonderful light ever. And I use the word “experience” because it wasn’t just looking at a shinning light, it was feeling the love and the awe, the pureness and the beauty, the power and the majesty of this powerful soul, because I knew at that instant I was experiencing the presence of a living being and that she was Virgin Mary. My heart and my body vibrated like music, that’s the only way I can describe it. Then I woke up, and I knew it was real. Since then, even though I am not a catholic, I have always been fond of the Virgin and she represents something specialin my life.

  2. Mahalo soul sister for sharing such a divine expression of the truth, expressing through a channel so pure and beautiful …love your work .

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