Goddess Among Us ~ The Priestesses of MU

Mystical Streams

MU'Neesa Priestess MU’Neesa Priestess

My NEW Video! Second in the Goddess Among Us series. Exclusive for Kyi’Ra Portal Members you can CLICK HERE for url and password.

This video took me longer than most I have made, even though it is 12:34 minutes in length. I felt a very personal connection to these particular Priestesses of MU, whom Thoth tells me were from the lineage of Ari’Ana, the first Nature Deva to become “human.”  The activation given to viewers of the video is especially powerful in my opinion. The BEE experience nearly pulls me into another dimension every time I watch it!

There is also a special art work I did for the video, which Kyi’Ra Portal members can download in 3000 pixs resolution from the video page (link above). All can view it here.

While making the video, I had a brief vision of a woman’s hand tossing maybe 20…

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