Sacred Scotland and the Grail Queen Lineage


Aloha Everyone,

This is a special message for the women in my groups. You may have seen my first YouTube video focused on the Grail: Magdalene – Returning of the Cup. If you have seen this, you know Thoth told me I would be participating (remotely) in Alison McLean’s fall journey of Grail Queens to Scot-land for the Fulfillment of the Iona Prophecy.

The Iona Prophecy says:

“The Christed One shall come again on Iona in the body of a mortal woman, with the Soul of Mary Magdalene.”

Alison and I believe this prophecy is not referring to one woman but the female collective. According to Alison, the Feminine Matrix has been sufficiently “healed” in order to be able to hold the new Christic energies relating to the Divine Feminine. I invite you to join Alison and me for an intimate discussion on the Grail from a Thothic and a Magdalene perspective. We will go into great depth and detail on what the Journey of Grail Queens to Scotland really means from what our inner planes agencies have shared with us.

Join us on:

Monday, July 11, 2016

4:30 PST/5:30 MT/6:30 CST/7:30 EST

Sacred Scotland and the Grail Queen Lineage
A Conversation with Maia Nartoomid and Alison McLean

The main points of this call will be:

What is the stellar meaning and purpose of the Grail?
What is the role of the Grail Queen and the Magdalene in the Ascension Plan?
What does this have to do with the Divine Feminine and Womankind today?
Why is Scotland so important to these Sacred Lineages?
Why are the holy islands of Lindisfarne, Iona and Staffa relevant to what is happening today? and, What can be facilitated by participating on this journey?

As I said in my first introductory video about the Grail, I feel that these particular women that are collecting for this journey will be guided to perform a specific task, as Alison calls it, The Ful-fillment of the Iona Prophecy. This is a sacred mission —The feminine Quest for the Grail.

To participate in this call, register here. You will receive confirmation and access information upon registering as well as a down load of the recorded call.

For more information on this and a full itinerary, Sacred Scotland Page on the Sovereign Woman website.

Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid


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