Mari Magdalene and the Elixis Mundi


art additions by Maia


Before we delve into the Magdalene connection with Elixis Mundi, let us take a closer look at Her from the perspective of the Thoth Akasha.

** Mari of Magdalene was a real person. She was not a harlot but a priestess of the Magda, an order of women in the purest of Essene tradition. There were several different Essenic branches in those days, but only one that followed the most ancient Way, which came from MU (Lemuria), via Atlantis and then Egypt. I’shoa-Yeshua-Jesus was also from that same Essenic Order.

Mari was a cousin to Yeshua. She also became his spiritual partner at a very early age. There was not consummation until after His resurrection and ascension. This took place on the Isle of Iona. From this one miraculous act, a son was conceived, named John Martinus. Mari continued the Christic Work, along with her…

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