The Amarata and Mari Magdalene

Amarata Medallion


In doing a Zoom session for a client, I received that she had been incarnated in France – in or near the town of Rennes le Baines. Her grandmother had been given a small medallion by Mari Magdalene, during the latter’s time in France. (note: according to the Thoth Akasha, Mari only spent a few years there. She would eventually travel to Ephesus, Turkey to be with Mother Mari and both are buried there.)

The medallion given to the girl’s grandmother by Mari was then given to the granddaughter by her grandmother. I have created an artwork in which I re-create this simple medallion – although I saw it with the symbol very worn down by many hands caressing it through the years. I received that this symbol was the Amarata – meaning (as closely as I can come to it) the forge of the heart. The language of this word is Mazur-Atlantean .However, we can see that other languages also give clues to the actual word’s meaning, going back to Atlantis.

I just Googled Amarata, and in Italian it means: the acronym of “Che Cosa Meravigliosa”, that would be “What a wonderful thing”.

Then there is this East Indian interpretation which essentially is a form of Elixis Mundi!



The Amarata symbol was first conceived on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) by a priest of the Mazar Grail lineage. The symbol was inscribed with intent to become a living symbol (active energy) as a calling to spiritual service – an oath to follow the deep calling of the Sacred Heart Flame above all else. The Amarata was carried into what would become the Basque country of Spain by the Mazur-Atlanteans, the Basque people, ancestors of this Grail Family.

From there it went to many parts of the world. Yet it was not circulated widely outside of inner core groups, such as the Cathars. It was considered highly heretical by the Catholic Church. I certainly have never seen it anywhere, so must assume this to be the reason (kept within inner circles). Yet Mari did give it to the young girl who became the grandmother, handing it to her granddaughter.



Let us begin with the main, central image. Here is a crescent and the blossom stem. The goddess-crescent is turned upward to become a cup, but also, when wedded to the stem, is a flower. The stem is two-fold with what appears to be a “division” sign upon it (two dots divided by a horizontal line).

First, focus on the blossom and stem…

Here we can see in William Buehler’s work on the Blossom and the Stem (Thoth concurs), the importance of this gematric system in it’s relationship to Grail dynamics.

The stem of the Amatrata is two-fold…creating a containment field within it.

The “division” sign within the two stems is the balance of the positive-negative universes with the neutra or attasic universe in-between. According to Thoth Intelligence, this is the standard universe package. Each universal holographic system (at least for World System I planets) Gets these three parts of the whole.

By placing it within the “stem” or pillars, it is in active mode, which means on-going Creation.

Above the crescent cup is the Grail symbol of two interlocking circles, as appears on the lid of the Glastonbury well. The circles are elongated into egg-shapes in this instance, meaning that they are being drawn upon by the force field of quickening life.

These interlocking egg-circles are circumscribed by three dots set in a triangular pattern, like the birthmark on the forehead of Thoth in his Thoth Raismes of Aphra incarnation.

Thoth Riasmes of Aphra – art by Maia

This is the mark of Illumination – Divine Central Intelligence. It is full Metatronic access.

Orion Trapezium, circumscribing the black hole found at it’s center.

These three dots or rather spheres, also delineate the Trapezium of Orion. The dots are representing the three main stars. The fourth star would be a base line to the three if viewed at an angle we can’t see from Earth.

Again, a Creational font or forge.

This whole system is placed within an X-Cross. X marks the spot…realm of actualization!

This is all just a bare-bones translation of the symbology, but it gives us something to focus on to open the scroll further – each individual who gazes upon it.

When I first saw this symbol on the small medallion being placed into the hand of the young girl by her grandmother I knew that although on a copper pendant, scratched and worn down…it was in truth pure gold to my eyes!

It contains the living power of symbols to unite these main energy systems:

1 – Grail systemic (systemic in this context to mean the natural to the order of things)

2 – Mazur Grail – carrying the torch for all Grail Families and thus genetic encoding from Atlantis into Euro-Eastern lands

3 – Mu-Atlan systemic from the Venusian Threshold of Mu-Melchizedek through the Thoth Harmonic of Atlantis and Egypt.

4 – Orion Creatrix – whole birthing of the holographic systems of Earth’s path – In Thoth Speak: cosmo-systemic. (This through the Trapezium of Orion. Can also be identified in basic context, within the Reshel format and the Osiris Arising Project.)

Hopefully this topic will be continued.


A short clip from my video TREE OF OSIRIS. Kyi’Ra Portal members may watch the entire video here.

Non-members can purchase it here.

This segment of the video is taking one through the Path of Horus into the Trapezium of Orion – the Birther of Worlds.


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Personal artwork I created for my client (the granddaughter) of the Amarata.


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